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Gather in one place all the statistics, player information, teams, competitions and much more. Now following amateur basketball is easier than ever.

Follow the games live from anywhere

Immerse yourself in real-time action and capture the thrill of basketball from anywhere, the arena’s energy is now at your fingertips.

Review the accumulated stats by competition

Search for your competition, choose the group, and delve into a wealth of exclusive official data, including stats for points, free throws, 2-pointers, and 3-pointers.

Enjoy the game!

Effortlessly share the game event with all your contacts using a single button. Witness the live game action from anywhere, thanks to the direct link provided.

Uncover the game's top performers

Reveal the game’s foremost leaders across categories such as points, free throws, baskets, three-pointers, and beyond!

Navigate effortlessly from SWISH to Google Maps

Unsure about the game’s location? Access SWISH and we’ll guide you to the venue instantly. Plus, in case of any last-minute changes, count on us to keep you informed.

The competition and its race for the top spots persist.

Explore the overall standings organized by competition on a team level. Look up the competition, choose the group, and uncover the performance of your beloved team.

Stellar profile, your personal space

Form your profile,  add your unique touch, and secure your inaugural badge.

Dive into detailed game insights using the official Boxscore.

Acess real-time information for every player – from minutes played and points scored to free throws, baskets, three-pointers, and personal fouls. Tailor your insights by filtering data for specific periods as well.

Stay connected to the game with real-time play-by-play updates!

Feel the pulse of the game through real-time updates, revealing player insights like playing time, points, free throws, baskets, three-pointers, and personal fouls. Shape your view with period-based filters for a customized experience.

Immerse yourself in the court

You can know which are the predominant shooting points of each player during the whole game or filter by period. Know the shooting patterns and movement on the court.

Players' favorite areas

Anticipate events by knowing the hot spots of each player and feel the excitement of the plays.

Customized comparison

Have fun with this new feature. Choose players or teams and compare their statistics.

Pregame: the key to the game

Access the latest information on previous matchups between teams before the game starts.

Postgame summary

Through artificial intelligence, get a detailed and comprehensive summary at the end of the game, providing you with key and highlighted information so you don’t miss any important details.

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