Statistic Problems

Having issues with SWISH statistics? Here are the most frequent cases:

A player has inaccurate statistics.

Unfortunately, in these cases, we cannot do anything as we do not have the ability to edit any data.

We work day by day with the scorekeepers and federations to ensure the transition from analog to digital is as accurate as possible. We ask for your patience and understanding for these professionals who are making an effort to provide the most accurate statistics.

We recommend that you report the issue to the Federation/Organization so that they can assess the case and take appropriate action. These are human errors, and if they do not affect the final result of the match, they are usually not changed in SWISH by the Federation/Organization.

The game stats are either missing or inaccurate.

SWISH is the platform where competition results and data are displayed and consulted. These data are shared by the scorekeepers of each Federation/Organization. However, we do not have the ability to edit or change any data, names, or statistics.

If there is an error in the game scoresheet, please contact your club so they can communicate it to the Federation/Organization. If the error does not impact the final outcome, it is highly probable that the change will not be applied in SWISH.