Login Problems

Do you have problems to log in with your SWISH GOLD subscription? This might occur due to the following reasons:

Problems with the device

If you obtained a GOLD subscription from an Android device, it is very probably that you might have problems to log in from an IOS device and vice versa. Try to log in from a similar device to the one that you used to buy the subscription.

If you have the same SWISH account open in several devices at the same time, this might cause login problems. Try to log in in just one device at the same time.

Problems with the mail

Log Out / LogIn Apple ID

Log out/ Custom LogIn

Log out /Log In Google

Sometimes the account can be linked to several mail accounts. If you have paid for one GOLD subscription, check in “My subscription” from the “Profile” screen to see which is the account status. If the status is “FAN”, try the following:

  • Check the mail appearing on top of the “Profile” screen. Try to log out and log in with a different mail account with the “Google” button.
  • If you logged in with Facebook, try to log in with the “Facebook” button.

In the case that you are using a IOS device, there are sometimes where Apple, in the moment of buying the GOLD subscription, creates a random email account like this one: example@appleid.com. If you log in with the “Apple” button, you will log in SWISH with that email. It is possible that the GOLD subscription is linked to that email. Sometimes the fingerprinting login might cause problems.

Problems with the password

If you have problems with your SWISH account password when logging with the “Google” button, try to choose “I forgot my password”. This option will allow you to remember your password or to create a new one by sending you and email to your Gmail account.